Legal Update

The Dynamic Legal Duo:
Kent Starr and Eliot Shavin

These attorneys were very familiar with the hard work that Black Citizens for Justice Law and Order had always exemplified in the Dallas Community. Many times BCJLO had referred BCJLO members to these two attorneys, along with a few others, however Kent Starr and Eliot Shavin just seem to be willing to fight for the UNDERDOG more often than most attorneys that BCJLO was associated with.

In 2003 when the City Officials of Athens, Texas and Congressman Pete Sessions decided to attack BCJLO (BCJLO was given information by some of the Negro Citizens of Athens and that information was passed onto Congressman Sessions) see news article related. At one Point Congressman Sessions even told the Director of BCJLO that she could be handcuffed, arrested and taken to jail etc. When this legal attack persisted against BCJLO, these two attorneys knew that they must step-up to the plate and get into the civil rights fight for their career.

In June of 2006 Shavin and Starr represented BCJLO valiantly in the courts of Henderson County, Athens, Texas. BCJLO lost which was no SURPRISE! The jury was all White and they took a very short time to deliberate. Since June of 2006 Shavin and Starr have added another attorney to their team.

(keep checking our website for an up-date on this trial.) The assassination of a grass roots civil rights organization.