Our MIssion


It has been said that racism is only relative to those that it affects. This is true to a large degree; however, racism and discrimination only affects an entire society when practiced. The perpetrator suffers because of denial and the aggrieved suffers because of powerlessness. Therefore, it is a no-win situation.

The objective and mission of BCJLO is to help people who perceive that they have been discriminated against to cope with the situation in a positive manner rather than an obstructive manner.

More specifically, BCJLO's race abuse hotline as well as monthly support group meetings give individuals a chance to vent their frustrations and receive input from BCJLO members as well as legal and medical professionals. Sometimes an ear to bend is all that is needed and it is in these situations when a stress therapist or psychologist will listen to an individual. At other times, families are provided with therapy when an individual is affected by racism in such a way that the entire family is traumatized.

BCJLO knows that we cannot eradicate discrimination and racism, but we help people cope with various aspects of racism. BCJLO is a non-profit, civil rights organization that was founded in 1969 to provide a bastion of strength and unity to people when they perceived that they have been racially abused. People in other abuse situations are told to talk to people to seek therapy or counseling, but very few people are told how to deal with racism. BCJLO attempts to fill that gap by listening because racism and discrimination is stressful and traumatizing and one is stripped of all dignity and self-esteem.