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With all our efforts toward racial justice, we can’t destroy racism completely, but we can offer help to people experiencing the negative effects. You are valuable, and no matter what anyone else says or does, Black Citizens for Justice Law & Order is here to remind you that you are loved and that you have civil rights and support.

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Racial Justice Advocates Nationwide

Black Citizens for Justice Law & Order’s race abuse hotline as well as monthly support group meetings give discriminated individuals a chance to vent their frustrations, receive racial justice input from BCJLO members and legal and medical professionals, and get a listening ear or even therapy when trauma has resulted from racism.

What We Do for Racial Justice

Our race abuse hotline and support groups are just some of the aspects of the fight for racial justice here at Black Citizens for Justice Law & Order.

BCJLO also helps people to deal constructively rather than destructively with their anger, hurt, and frustration. Black Citizens for Justice Law & Order will assist individuals, families, workers, and complainants in their quest for racial justice in a variety of ways. We often start by investigating the complaints of unfair treatment, discrimination, or suppression, and then if evidence is discovered, the first step to rectification is often moral persuasion. We also continually provide activities that raise public awareness of the lack of human rights and workers’ rights under America’s laws, and to encourage the strengthening of legal and democratic rights for all people. How does this work for you?

Start by calling the race abuse hotline where an experienced volunteer will take your information. BCJLO will then put a plan together for the best plan of action to follow toward achieving racial justice, including possible referral to our friends at the EEOC.

The Truth About Racism—Monthly Support Meetings

When you are ready to know the truth about racism, racial justice, and civil rights, Black Citizens for Justice Law & Order offers monthly support group meetings.

Our monthly support groups give you the opportunity to receive a listening ear, support, and positive advice from BCJLO members as well as professionals in the legal and medical fields. Come out and listen to Daisy E. Joe, a person that is not afraid to speak the truth on a day to day basis. Daisy Joe has been in the trenches working on behalf of racial justice for Black Americans and any Americans who have been mistreated by society for many years.

There will never be a level playing field for Black people, regardless of how things look on the surface; we are inundated with institutional racism. No matter what odds you come up against in life, racism is one that will never go away; therefore, you must learn to deal with the reality of it more positively and be a stronger person.

Individual Fight for Racial Justice—Race Abuse Hotline

When you call into our race abuse hotline, you can receive the individual help you need, as well as be provided a possible plan of action if your civil rights are being compromised.

No one can deny there is so much work yet to do. As said by Volunteer executive director, Daisy E. Joe, “we recognize we’ve come this far by faith, leaning on the LORD, trusting in His Holy Word, and He never failed us yet.” BCJLO’s crusade is to expose as much discrimination, bigotry, and racism as possible, and the bad news is that there is so much of this hatred in the world that we are only scratching the surface as we work each day toward racial justice.

We fight off the enemy of bigotry for one more moment, one more day, one individual at a time. Hardship is part of combat; part of the Black and minority experience is that we will endure adversity and have to make sacrifices. That is why we must stand strong and uphold each other.

Our Racial Justice Objective At BCJLO

It has been said that racism is only relative to those that it affects. This is true to a certain degree; however, racism and discrimination affect our entire society when practiced.

The perpetrator suffers because of denial, and the aggrieved suffers because of powerlessness. The objective and mission of Black Citizens for Justice Law & Order are to help achieve racial justice for people who have been discriminated against, allowing them to cope with the situation in a positive manner rather than an obstructive one. More specifically, BCJLO's race abuse hotline and monthly support group meetings give individuals a chance to vent their frustrations and receive beneficial input. People in other abusive situations may seek therapy or counseling, but very few people are told how to deal with racism.

BCJLO attempts to fill that gap by listening, because racism and discrimination is stressful and traumatizing and one is stripped of all dignity and self-esteem.

About BCJLO’s Unique History

Black Citizens for Justice Law & Order is a non-profit civil rights organization that was founded in 1969 to provide a bastion of strength and unity to those who perceive they’ve been racially abused.

In the latter part of 1969, several black men had the foresight to know that black people needed a racial justice organization that would truly listen to the grievances of Black people while being fair-minded with everyone without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, or socioeconomic status. Stanley O. Gaines, Arthur F. Joe, Sr., Al Lipscomb, Don Johnson, Ed Washington, and Dr. Emerson Emory, along with the help of several others, chartered Black Citizens for Justice Law & Order, or BCJLO in Dallas, Texas, as a boon for racial justice.

In 1982, senior board members saw that change was needed in BCJLO, and so Daisy Joe was offered the director’s role. In Daisy Joe’s own words, “I know that I fight each day a war that will never be won, but I keep on keeping on.”

Our Community & Ways You Can Help

A nonprofit is only as strong as the community that supports it. Together, we can do more towards racial justice than we can do alone.

Let's bring our abilities and passions together to affect real change. There are many ways to join us and support our mission. Contact us to find out more about our volunteer opportunities, civil rights fundraising events, and ways that you can get our message to your friends and family. Come hear the truth about the situation here in Dallas, Texas, which could be any city in the USA since the problem is worldwide. Black Citizens for Justice Law & Order and director Daisy Joe have always been extremely active in the racial justice community.

In 1997, Congressman Sam Johnson gave a proclamation in recognition of Daisy E. Joe: “congratulate the dedication, hard work, and efforts to fight for equal justice under the law.” BCJLO also has a great community of supporters with BCJLO’s annual outreach, including Balor Healthcare System, Kilgore and Kilgore Lawyers, and John Eagle Honda.

The Fight for Civil Rights & Racial Justice in Dallas

At Black Citizens for Justice Law & Order, our motto is to “face reality or waste away in civil slavery.” The need for racial justice will never go away. Contact us today to find out how you can be more involved, or call our race abuse hotline and we can lend support and more.