Black Orginization Targeted For Attack

Daisy Joe, Executive Director of Black Citizens for Justice, Law, and Order, Inc. says Congressman Pete Sessions is a traitor and cannot be trusted as a public servant and a politician. She says his constituents cannot count on him in a crisis because he will sell our for friendship. Joe says thee organization she represents has been harasses repeatedly for over a year, after being asked by North Athens Black Citizens of Concern to attend an open meeting in Athens, in November 2002 regarding racist and discriminatory issues there. During that meeting a BCJLO representative took notes on the information that was given to him by the concerned citizens, many who expressed fear for their lives. In addition to police harassment and intimidation of Black citizens, comments were shared regarding a Black man they say was murdered by the Athens police, which was not investigated, and concerns about a Black female who, at nine months pregnant was reportedly beaten by the Athens police, causing the death of her unborn child.

According to Joe, "The people in Athens, his constituents, tried several times to get Sessions to look at the situation of underhanded dealings and murders of Black citizens, but his office refused to do so. They came to this organization and asked us to try to get Mr. Sessions, because they had heard him on our radio show. We contacted his office and asked that a representative be sent to the open meeting in Athens, but they refused to go. One of our officers' attended, took notes, gave me a copy and forwarded copies to Congressman Pete Sessions, and the U.S. Justice Department. Sessions did not do as he was asked to, which was to look into the allegations made by the Black citizens of Athens, instead, he took the information that was given to him in confidence and sent it to the town mayor, said to be a personal friend. After that, all hell broke lose. This organization has been repeatedly harassed, retaliated against, and filed on in court on an alleged character defamation charge.

This apparently stemmed from the notes of the comments by the citizens of Athens regarding questions about a city council member". Joe says this is when the harassment began and indicates that she and the member who attended the Athens meeting were targeted. Joe says someone was banging on her door to deliver a citation. On several occasions, a constable went to the home of the BCJLO officer who took the notes at the Athens meeting, who was afraid to open his door, as he feared for his life. The organization has also been issued a number of certified letters by the Athens city attorney, demanding that they come to Athens for a deposition. Joe says she even received a personal phone call from Congressman Pete Sessions on December 12, warning her that if she did not comply with the Athens city attorney, she would be handcuffed, arrested and taken to the Athens jail. Joe says just this week she received notification that BCJLO will face a jury trial. Barbara Bowan, of the North Athens Black Citizens Council, wrote to sessions, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Athens city attorney in November of 2003 to indicate that their organization requested the presences of BCJLO to attend the meeting to discuss discrimination issues, and that the member who attended wrote down all the information which was provided during the meeting, including the comments made by the Athens group about a city council member.

She says that there is no justice for Blacks in Athens, and points to the murder of Randle Langly, and the incarceration of the young Black man who was found not guilty by a jury but is still being held in jail. She also says she requested a meeting with Sessions long ago and he has not returned her calls and agrees that he is not concerned about the citizens. According to Bowan, many Black citizens in Athens remain in fear of losing their lives and says that there is widespread nepotism in the city, which further extends the good ol' boy system. Joe says all the stress is jeopardizing her health, as she is a cancer survivor. She says since the harassment has started, it has taken a physical toll on her, as well as Mrs. Bowan, who is also a cancer survivor.

"Pete Sessions chose not to represent all his constituents, he only chose to represent the rich, white republicans, therefore he decided to see sic them on us as an organization to cripple us and at the same time send a message to Black people of Athens, that you better not ask for any outside help. Sessions claimed he was going to go with me to Athens and put me under congressional protection, which no one I spoke with had heard of this. I have a feeling if I had gone, I never would have gotten back because the good ol' boys would have dealt with us, and now they want us to come there for a trial. I believe that Pete Sessions is behind this all. he is a great pretender. he pretends that he cared about the citizens. Both Joe and Bowan say they will not be intimidated and agree this is a tactic to shut them and their organization down. A protest is being planned in front of Sessions, Dallas office on Thursday morning.

By Dr. Pamela Hill
African-American News and Issues


What is a Human?

The whole political, social, and economic structure of society is largely determined by its answer to this vital question. Indeed, the conflict we witness between totalitarianism and democracy is fundamentally cenered in this: Is a human a person oe a pawn??? Is a humam a cog in the wheel of the state or a free, creative being capable of accepting responsibility? This inquiry is as old as ancient man and as new as the morning newspaper. Although there is widespread agreement in asking this question, there is sharp disagreement in answering it.

Those who think of a human purely in materialistic terms argue that man is simply an animal, a tiny object in the vast, everchanging organism called nature, which is wholly unconscious and impersonal. His whole life may be explained in terms of matter in motion. Such a system of thought affirms that the conduct of man is physically determined and that the mind is merely an effect of the brain.

Those who posit the materialistic conception of man are often driven to the dark chambers of pessimism.

O Lord, Our Lord
How majestic is thy name in all the earth!
Thou whose glory above the heavens is chanted
by the mouths of babes and infants-

Thou who hast founded a bulwark
because of thy foes to still the enemy and the avenger

When I look at thy heavens, the work of thy fingers,
the moon and the sars which thou hast established.
What is man that thou atr mindful of him
and the son of man that thou dost care for him?

Yet thou hast made him little less then God
and dost crown him with glory and honor.

Psalam 8 RSV

With all of the laws and legislation that have been placed on paper, there is NO law to change a human heart!

Dallas ... A Unique Place In Time

Yes Dallas, Texas is quite unique because it seems that Dallas is in a state of RETROGRESSION!

For a long time, I tried to ignore what was really going on in Dallas, but it has gotten to the point that so many people that contact us (BCJLO) are effected and injured by the self serving leaders of Dallas.

Some of the incidents that happen in Dallas, Texas. cause one to stop and think, what plantation is this? Most black people is Dallas are brainwashed and ignored. Half are brainwashed in the so-called Black "churches" by their so-called preachers, and the other half is brainwashed by the So-called Negro politician.

Some years ago, Rev. Ceaser Clark said this, " most of these Preachers are so Heavenly Bound, until they are no earthly good." Rev. Clark must be very knowledgeable about his peers, because he's been in the ministry for many years.

Most of the negro preachers and most of the politicians conspire to influence voters. the preacher does not care if the politicians have the voters best interest in mind. Most of these church members are gullible and believe exactly what their preacher tells them, not knowing he has probably taken some form of kickback or 30 pieces of silver.

Let's not forget the so-called "Black Leaders" that will tell you to vote for anything because he's been promised who knows what? Just where are these so-called Black leaders leading you? Who appointed them?

When will the Negroes in Dallas, Texas walk off the PLANTATION?


Daisy E. Joe
Volunteer Executive Director

America! America! Come Back, Come Back to God

America, I call you now, tomorrow may be too late; Except you will return to GOD, sad, sad will be your fate. God's watchmen are upon the wall. They warn you all the time; (America I know you have read in the Bible about Sodom and Gomorrah)

Your hands are stained with human blood. Your hearts are full of crime. Why will you spurn the message which is given of the Lord? Amercica! America! Come back , come back to God.

America, your men are prone to sin and wickedness, your women have forgotten GOD, their idol god is dress. Your children seek for fleeting joys; they waste away their youth, your fathers turn away their ears and fail to hear the truth. (Americans the new Sodom and Gomorrah)

If you shall reap as you have sown, sad will be your reward, America! America! Come back, come back to God.

American, your heart goes out for foolishness and pride; You leave the church on Sunday to do God knows right; (most people don't even remember what church is really about). You turn away to fleshy lust and leave the paths of right; You waste your money while your money abroad while your fellow man cries at home. Amercica! America! Come back , come back to God.

America, I call you now, tomorrow will bw too late; Except you will returm to God, sad, sad will be your fate. Cease from your wickedness and vice, Cease from your sinful pleasures, and accept the Lord your Christ. (Remember America was founded on in God We Trust!) America What Happened?????????????

Let us seek for the old pathways which our fathers trod, (no they were not always right, but they believed in God)

Amercica! America! Come back , come back to God.

Who am I? Just a watchperson upon the wall.

(to be continued)

The Fight for Civil Rights & Racial Justice in Dallas

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