Face Reality Or Waste Away In Civil Slavery 

Black Citizens for Justice, Law and Order will assist workers and complainants in their quest for justice in a variety of ways. Actions may include one or more of the following:

  • Investigating complainants from regarding unfair treatment, discrimination, and suppression.
  • When investigations provide evidence of the conduct described above, "moral persuasion" will be attempted to encourage strengthening of legal and democratic rights for citizens.
  • Institutional problems of discrimination still exist; therefore, the public must be made aware when privately awareness fails, picket we must!
  • Activities to raise public awareness of the lack of human rights and worker's rights under the law in America and to encourage strengthening of legal and democratic rights for all people.

How It Works:

  • People who are having problems can call the race abuse hotline.
  • A volunteer member will take the necessary information.
  • Volunteer staff and board members have experience in such areas as labor problems, civil rights, and community relations.
  • Volunteer staff and board members will decide and complainant together the best strategy and action to follow.
  • BCJLO is proud of the working relationship with EEOC.
  • We have referred over 500 cases to the EEOC in the last 2 years.
  • We do attorney referrals by request.
  • We represent complainants we refer to EEOC.
  • We have worked with the House of Representatives, Committee on Education and the Workforce.
  • We have served on the Low Wage Earners Task Force with the United States Equal Employment Commission